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In the world of watchmaking, Breguet is the name of a prestigious brand and one of the oldest replica watch brands. The brand has existed and thrived since 1775, leaving behind a rich design legacy. It is not difficult to see that at Breguet, there is its own design language, which is inspired by the first pocket watches, which were created by the originator and inventor of the replica watch industry. Brand - Abraham Breguet. Today, the name Breguet is associated with the image of the most luxurious classic Swiss replica watches.

However, Breguet doesn¡¯t just offer classic watches, the brand¡¯s luxury sports replica watches are just as interesting and attractive. The Breguet Marine Automatic 5517 in white gold is a prime example of this, combining luxurious design with a guilloch¨¦ blue dial and the rugged look of rubber bands.

In his time, Breguet was a very popular craftsman and brand. The quality of its replica watches was so good that it was designated as the official chronometer maker of the French Royal Navy. Breguet has maintained this title for 150 years, a glorious "feather" among countless great victories. The birth of Marine is a reminder of Breguet's impressive dedication to discovering and breaking through the vastness of the ocean.

As we have come to expect from Breguet, this replica watch is made up of dozens of fake rolex beautiful little details. Some features come from traditional Breguet watchmaking techniques, while others are the product of more modern handling styles. For example, the hands and numerals are still the same Breguet, but with increased strength. A large number of luminous materials are added, and the hands and hour markers are also younger and more sporty.

The most visible and eye-catching feature on the replica watch dial should be the central area, which has a hand-crafted wave-grain finish. Guilloche has always been the first feature of Breguet replica watches and has been used since the end of the 1700s. Incorporating each shockwave is a beaded bezel around the edge of the dial. The application of various finishing techniques on the dial will tell you that this is a very high-quality replica watch.