This replica watch is perfect for intense activities

Obviously, Breguet has put a lot of effort into the dial of the Marine Automatic 5517BB/Y2/5ZU watch. But that doesn't mean the shell is ignored. The case diameter is 40mm and the water resistance is 100m. The classic round case combines a stepped bezel with polished or brushed surfaces and new, sportier lugs. A far cry from the brand's usual welded fork shape, the lugs on the Marine Automatic 5517 are generally well suited to the sports replica watches category. The solid, solid construction reinforces the belief: this replica watches perfect for wearing during intense activities, even in challenging environments.

A rubber strap is fastened to the lugs with beautifully decorated bold screws, and the dark blue look is very technological. The strap has a lot of trim detailing, with a straight seam at the top and a series of wavy waves at the bottom for ventilation.

Turning to the middle case, it's not hard to see the familiar coin groove finish, making the often boring corners of the replica watches even more interesting. In addition, you will also find that the design style of the crown is somewhat "different" from the industry. It still has the function of winding and adjusting the time, but the crown has been redesigned to look like a propeller, creating operational convenience. A large "machine".

Inside the Breguet Marine Automatic is an in-house movement: Caliber 777A. Breguet has always been at the forefront of watch movement technology. The brand is one of the pioneers in the application of new materials such as silicon in the production of watches. The 777A automatic movement has a power reserve of 55 hours, the escapement is made of silicon, it has an anti-shock system, and it is even equipped with a hairspring. The presence of silicon in the movement helps the watch run at a steady pace and increases its resistance to the influence of magnetic fields replica uhren. Clearly, Caliber 777A, with its basic chronograph functions, is a powerful, modern movement that fully reflects the active lifestyle of its wearer.

The Breguet Marine is a luxury sports replica watches with a market value of just over $20,000. As a result, watches are one of the hottest market segments today and the competition is fierce. But with its indelible brand mark and watch quality, Breguet Marine Automatic 5517 has always been the pinnacle of the industry.